video of the day. boxster.

I really like the new Boxster—-i think it’s very aggressive looking, spiffy interior, and just a big time improvement over the prior interpretations.  In fact, it’s the first Boxster i’ve seen that actually looks the part…

Of course I still don’t really care for roadsters, however this sets everything up for the obvious future question:  How great will the next Cayman be!?

Chris Harris has reviewed the new Boxster:


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5 thoughts on “video of the day. boxster.

  1. Rob says:

    A few thoughts on the review:
    1. wth is happening to Chris’ hair?
    2. Either Evo or Drive used this analogy recently: the new Boxter looks like a baby-Carrera GT – and let’s be honest. That’s a great thing! Also, it looks stunning in profile.
    3. That break-pedal-is-higher-than-the-accelerator-thing: that’s something that I’ve noticed on any car from any VW branch so far: from the original Beetle, over an early 90’s Jetta, a Mark I A3, a Mark VI Golf, Mark III Polo and my Dad’s A6. It’s bloody annoying. Why are they doing that?! Every time it makes me feel like I’m about to miss the break in an emergency.

    • Syed says:

      LOL….i just noticed what you’re saying about his hair….yeah it’s weird! I don’t think i’ve noticed the accelerator/brake height issue in my A3 or TT….but maybe i have a feeling i will! then again, i don’t really heel-toe while city driving——-although i have tried before in my limited track experiences a few years ago.

  2. Doc says:

    Big help, big help. And sutealrpive news of course.

  3. Vajei sunku, ir batoną kepti ir nutelą naminę gaminti, o dar ir pieno reiks gauti. Na tarybiniu būdu. O šiaip tai puikiai atrodo, tik aš neturiu didelio noro batonus kepti, gal nejaučiu sentimentų tiems seniesiems. Bet va duoną tai norėčiau gerai mokėti kepti.O kaip dėl tos duonkepės, ar verta investicija? Mes su vyru kalbam, svarstom, tik aš galvoju virtuvė ne gyuminė, visko nesusipirksi.

  4. Very moral of you! Since my univeristy days I’ve been very health conscious, but I find it’s been amplified lately. As depressing as this sounds, so many people close to me lately have become sick (cancer or cancer scares) & one of my girlfriend’s moms just died of breast cancer. I think when I see people around me get sick, it just solidifies how important it is to not take your health for granted & to do everything in my power to maintain my own health and wellness.

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