Montreal in the Jungle.

I think i’ve mentioned this many times before….but the Alfa Romeo Montreal is just so cool.  Epic cool.  The Montreal pictured here just looks mint…want, bad.

These are some great shots taken by Stoelen7 who also runs a very nice blog entitled Steininge

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3 thoughts on “Montreal in the Jungle.

  1. Marcel says:

    Still a gorgeous car. Saw a red one last week, but I would prefer orange or green 🙂

  2. tw says:

    It’s photographed in the small beech forest outside Tønsberg in Norway. I was there when Stein Inge shot it in June 2011, and the Montreal owner chose the location because of its interesting light. I think he had a point!

    The pictures were supposed to accompany a magazine article on the car, but it never came to pass.

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