Where is the secret spot?

Well I have to say I am entirely intrigued by these “Secret Spot” pics posted over at Type-01.  If this is a single location; what kind of a location will have the combination of cars seen in this pic?  More mysteriously—–what are those two Bugatti concepts doing there!?!?  I would think those 2 concepts would be under the ownership of Bugatti/VAG.  I don’t recall them ever being produced for private ownership.  Hmm.

Beautiful greyscale photos as well.

src: Type-01

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4 thoughts on “Where is the secret spot?

  1. Tamerlane says:

    Mulhouse? Did they make more than one of each of the prototypes? Because they are at the Mullin in California now. Most of Mullin’s cars are from the Schrumpf collection.


    • Syed says:

      woah! now i’m even more confused—–As far as i’d always known, there was only one of each made….but now i’m sure at all! This would be the EB118 and EB218 we are talking about……very strange. What i find even stranger is how these are dusty and sitting in a corner……BTW, that Chiron is beautiful in your photos!

      • Tamerlane says:

        They were HUGE! Sorry for the bad lighting and crappy camera. But those prototypes are amazing. I’m 80% sure the photos were taken in a warehouse somewhere in Alsace.

        Mullin I think owned a huge construction company in Southern California and has assembled quite a collection. The prototypes might be on loan from Bugatti/VAG.

  2. Type01 says:

    Mulhouse’s Schlumpf museum reserve indeed (in 2008)!

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