A different view of a car show.

These days i’m really annoyed by media photography; everyone goes to the same car shows and takes the same, typical, unstimulating, booooring photos of cars.    I went in the search of more ‘experimental’ auto show photos and happened to find taken by Kai Petermann.   

To be honest, I find them interesting….moderately dizzying, moderately useless, however reasonably entertaining!   I believe the 2nd photo is of the new Dodge Dart, however I cannot be entirely sure!

src: forLoveAndGlory (via ralfBecker)

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2 thoughts on “A different view of a car show.

  1. Baber says:

    I don’t even take a camera to auto shows of any kind anymore. The rush never allows for good photos and being patient is like being a fool there.

    Auto shows are only good for those who want take their own pictures with cars and smiling cheeseburgers.

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