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A different view of a car show.

These days i’m really annoyed by media photography; everyone goes to the same car shows and takes the same, typical, unstimulating, booooring photos of cars.    I went in the search of more ‘experimental’ auto show photos and happened to find taken by Kai Petermann.   

To be honest, I find them interesting….moderately dizzying, moderately useless, however reasonably entertaining!   I believe the 2nd photo is of the new Dodge Dart, however I cannot be entirely sure!

src: forLoveAndGlory (via ralfBecker)

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Artist of the day: Xander Walker

Xander Walker (http://strassenversion.blogspot.com) is someone I have known for a while through The Auto Union community.  A few weeks ago, a bunch of us met up for a dinner in Manhattan, and Xander introduced us to his fantastic artwork.  I was blown away by the uniqueness and individualistic style of these paintings; and I can firmly say that they are WELL worth the humble $15 to $30 asking price he has put up for the pieces.  Each one is hand signed, and perfect for framing.  Speaking of which, I need to find time to get to a framing shop to buy a suitable frame for the 2 paintings I own by him.  Each painting is hand finished and limited edition.   Each piece is 24 x 17″ and packaged well!

In addition to the Alpine A110 pictured above (which obviously i DO have!!), here are some others available from Xander’s Etsy store:

ENTER “IEDEI” to get 20% off at the checkout! —Thanks Xander


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art of the day.

from our good mate and very talented Rob Ijbema. You can find a whole lotta work by him at:


click on foto 2 times to get HI-RES version (wallpaper worthy…really)

audi quattro art rob ijbema

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