video of the day. A310 on Wheeler Dealers.

I had read several months ago what the UK show Wheeler Dealers was going to do an episode about the Alpine A310—–and i’ve been looking very forward to it for a while!  A couple of reasons why:  (A) there really isn’t too much in terms of videos, information, or documentation of the A310, at least not in english anyways, (B) the A310 is on my list of cars I want to own in the next 20 years, so i’m super interested, and (C) because I usually enjoy Wheeler Dealers anyways, and putting an Alpine on there is just icing on the cake!

Here’s the full, nearly 44 minute episode!

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5 thoughts on “video of the day. A310 on Wheeler Dealers.

  1. Etienne says:

    The A310 is a huge improvement over the shitty quality and insanely over-priced A110. Alpine got their act toghether with building with GRP with the A310. They are fairly scarce here in Europe, but prices are very realistic, a very good classic car to own.

    • Syed says:

      i can’t say much bad about the A110… it is my all time favourite car in the world, well….EVER—-but i have heard the same thing about the A310 as you’ve mentioned; that it was hugely improved and that it is such a good car for the money. I really really want one.

      • GuitarSlinger says:

        Well…… hate to be the spoiler here ( caveat ; I love Alpines : especially the Rally cars ) but both the A110 , 310 as well as every other Alpine made are in fact reliability nightmares . I’ve driven several , had a friend who collected them and there’s not a one of the bunch ever made that was anything less than a French pile of dreck ( to own / not drive ) So unless you’re a major league masochist I’d leave the Alpine’s in the Dream category lest you find yourself in the midst of an automotive Hades .

        ( Renault Alpines qualify as the 8th level of Dante’s Inferno )

        Alpine’s . A fine example of the ‘ Spock ‘ ( Mr : not Dr ) adage ;

        ” Many times the wanting is more pleasurable than the having ; This seems a logical contradiction , but more often than not is True ”

        Buy the book ; ” Renault Alpine ” gold portfolio 1958-1994 : by Brooklands Books , and be satisfied . Alternatively , find some masochist friend who does own one and beg a ride or two in his .

        • Syed says:

          what you’ve said affects me 0%. lol. 🙂 i am already well aware of the ‘reliability’ issues…..that doesn’t matter to me….. i’ll only own one when i have the money to back them up. ALL classic/vintage cars take money….and there are far worse ways to do it then an Alpine IMO.

  2. Paul says:

    Nothing much wrong with the reliability of my A310 – no worse than any other 30 year old car. Much of the problem comes about with so called mechanics who really don’t know what they’re doing. Find a decent mechanic, sort any issues properly, and you’ll be fine. Oh, and you need to use the car, not take it out once a year!

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