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“Exit Through The Gift Shop”


I watched this a while ago, but was for some reason reminded of it today when i saw an article about Banksy.  Most people have seen Banksy’s work somewhere at some time either in person or online or on a record cover…and didn’t even know it.  Whatever you think of him, he is definitely iconic!  This documentary is less about Banksy, and more about the scene around him and prominently the french guy who tried to make a documentary about Banksy! ha.

90 minutes well spent watching this though! HIGHLY recommended!


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Side By Side

Digital photography and videography have completely changed the landscape of imaging in all realms of life; creative to scientific to archiving.  “Side By Side” is a documentary investigating what changes have occurred in the modern film industry to utilize the new technological developments brought forward to digital video technology and where that leaves the original reel film mechanism.   Reel film seems so bulky, inflexible, and archaic compared to what we can now do with digital film.

The ‘big time’ hollywood aspect of this documentary is a bit naff….especially with overblown and overdone filmmakers like George Lucas (rubbish)….however the topic is interesting.

In the end, the quality of the film is not determined by what kind of mechanism it was made on—-but the mind of the filmmakers/writers and the strength of their ideas.

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video of the day. Ultra Motion at Le Mans 2012.

This video is beautiful.  Epic bite the back of your hand beautiful.  The essence of Le Mans in 2012——i’m still buzzing over the race, and this slow-motion “Ultra Motion” video that Eurosport was using during their coverage really shines through when set to shoegazing background music.

thanks to Don  for the tip!


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“The Secret Life of Colin Chapman” documentary.

I like people who challenge the status-quo…in fact I most respect people who challenge the status quo.  Whether it is in science, writing, art, or motoring.  In the history of the automobile, there are several names that instantly come to mind; Colin Chapman would definitely be one of them.

This is a fantastic 5-part documentary uploaded onto YouTube, and originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK several years ago.  A pleasant way to spend 50 minutes—-even if his fall wasn’t nearly as graceful as his rise.

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video of the day. History of AMG.

Nice video put together by Mercedes-Benz—-showing a short history of AMG.  I admit to having a soft spot for Mercedes-Benz…always have, always likely will.

src:  youTube

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video of the day. pure Stratos.

What a video of the legendary Lancia Stratos with no BS music to get in the way of the exhaust notes!

Thanks to Nicolas for the tip!

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video of the day. 1973 Rallye Monte Carlo.

This has to be one of THE best openings to any video i’ve seen in a long time….cryptic night time scenes with slowly evolving funkified 1970s psychedelic music makes for video perfection!  What a year for great cars in rallying as well!  That Fulvia is off-the-hook cool.

What an amazing 25 minute documentary this is! Enjoy

Thanks to Simon C for sharing this!

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video of the day: Peugeot history.

Believe it or not, this video is Top Gear from 1989.  Pretty nice video summarizing the history of the french carmaker, Peugeot.

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video of the day. A310 on Wheeler Dealers.

I had read several months ago what the UK show Wheeler Dealers was going to do an episode about the Alpine A310—–and i’ve been looking very forward to it for a while!  A couple of reasons why:  (A) there really isn’t too much in terms of videos, information, or documentation of the A310, at least not in english anyways, (B) the A310 is on my list of cars I want to own in the next 20 years, so i’m super interested, and (C) because I usually enjoy Wheeler Dealers anyways, and putting an Alpine on there is just icing on the cake!

Here’s the full, nearly 44 minute episode!

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video of the day. 917.

thanks to Jon for the tip on this great tribute to the legendary Porsche 917.

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launch: Drive.

The DRIVE collective have finally launched with their first full video; a tribute to the Nurburgring 24 hour race.  Fantastic stuff, and i can’t wait to see more from them!

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Audi @ Spa.

i’m loving these videos. beautifully made and a nice tribute to their first win there with the R8 LMS.

got these videos from the great Colla Verglas!

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video of the day. C111

i find the Mercedes C111 to be one of the more fascinating lost concept cars which never made it to production, mainly because MB evolved this car constantly, and used it to test their new technologies—-and then aborted the car completely after several years of evolution.

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video of the day. The Supercharger.

fascinating 25 minute video from a show called “Coltrane’s Planes & Automobiles”

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video of the day. can am 1967 (repost)

i will contend that the greatest sounding cars in the history of motor racing were can am cars.  if you would like to debate me about this, then you have never witnessed them in person!

I had posted these videos about a year and half ago—but just saw them again today and had to repost them.

race footage from 1967 Road America.

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video of the day. transformation of the A1.

watch them turn a basic Audi A1 into a fire breathing 503hp monster as the Audi A1 Clubsport quattro

via Fourtitude




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Alpines at Le Mans. (videos)

These are just some amazing videos…..everytime i see the race-prepped Alpine screaming down regular streets as shown in the 1963 video, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! even though we can’t hear them, they just look epic cruising with regular traffic.   Some wonderful behind-the-scenes footage in this videos as well, of the construction and of the founder of Alpine, Jean Redele.

video heaven…for me.  my broken french skills help me understand some of these…..as they are both in french.

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accidental art.

As i was watching the film “Senna” yesterday, i took a few photos of the big screen with my silly little mobile phone.  2 of those photos came out quite interesting….they almost look like paintings.  These, of course, have no effects put on them.  They are simply attempted photos taken with a rubbish camera.

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“SENNA”: some thoughts about the film…

This afternoon, at the uneasy time of 12:15am on a Saturday, I was joined by a couple mates (also from the automotive blogging world) to go see “Senna”, which is playing at the Village East Cinema in NYC.  We entered the theatre right on time, and joked that we were wondering who the other 15-20 people were in the theatre; and WHY they were there!  Could there be this many motorheads willing to make it to the theatre at that time on a Saturday? Apparently so.

The film was quite lovely; made like a documentary—spanning from the beginning of his career in karting til the obvious end of his career.  Touching on his youth, but showing some very rare and moving film clips with scenes I had never seen before.  As a kid growing up in Detroit, one of the events I annually attended with my father was the Detroit Grand Prix, where I remember there was a time when Senna would win every year.  The first year I went, i remember Nelson Piquet winning.  So naturally, my favourite 2 F1 drivers became Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna.

(sorry, i took these pics with a mobile phone!)

I know that Senna was a character.  He was competitive, full of personality, not afraid to speak his mind, and most of all a tremendous driver.  This film essentially covered all of his positive attributes, and showed him in the light of a tribute.  It was a fitting tribute.   I had seen many clips of his races online, and a lot of this film I had seen in some form or another; but I have never seen any clips of driver’s meetings with the FIA directors, I had never seen some of the more candid interviews and conversations—–and maybe because I was too young—I never realised how much battling and political stuff was going on between Prost & Senna.  Now it makes sense WHY i hated Prost as a kid—-because he was always batting with my favourite who was Senna.

I won’t tell you the full details of the film, because I feel you should watch it yourself.  Seeing F1 in the movie theater was a  pleasure, and although it seems like a collage of document film clips taken from many different sources; it was full of great commentary, great footage, and some truly moving moments.  All in all, a great film; I am really glad someone made it (in this case, a gentleman named Asif Kapadia)—-you should all see it.

Senna is playing at the Village East Cinema in the East Village of NYC.  (thanks to Xander for the tip!)


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video of the day. 510

My first ‘real’ car (not counting my lime green 1977 Buick Le Sabre i had when i was 15/16) was a 1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R which was just a fantastic car….i still miss it sometimes.  It was quite pure for its time.  That SE-R was a natural descendant of this; the 510.

I found this great 26 minute vintage film called “Against All Odds” about the 510.  Well worth a watch!


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more SAAB: Saab 99 Turbo promotional video.

An original 1977 promotional film outlining the (at the time) new Saab 99 Turbo.

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Titan. a film about the nurburgring.

Pretty damn cool, this is a 6 minute trailer for the film “TITAN” which documents the glory of the Nurburgring.

more info and videos at: http://www.clashproduction.com/blog/


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