driving song of the day. Supersonic.

If there are 10 songs that soundtrack my life, “Supersonic” by Oasis is in the list, if not at the top or fighting for the top position.  I still remember being 18….driving around in my 1st generation Sentra SE-R with “Supersonic” blasting through incompetent speakers at full volume like a possessed vehicle.   To this day, if i ever listen to Supersonic while driving—my speeds lose control and I realise I am driving way too fast.

It has everything.  Swagger, rhythm, soul, confidence, and melody.  I never really gave a crap for The Beatles; they were soft.  Oasis were hard.  Pure rock and roll for my generation.

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2 thoughts on “driving song of the day. Supersonic.

  1. Swagger, rhythm, soul, confidence, and melody

    yesss! don’t forget nonsensical lyrics 😉 top song though, fer serious.

  2. i got my first (and so far only *knock on wood*) speeding ticket in the E30 driving too fast to “in the city” by the jam.

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