video of the day. Toyota is ‘new’ Peugeot.

I’m buzzing about Le Mans already .  Time to get the Audi flags out. I’m excited to see if the Toyota TS030 is up to the task…it certainly looks the part!

src: Audi Motorsport Blog (via Audi Sport Unofficial)

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2 thoughts on “video of the day. Toyota is ‘new’ Peugeot.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    Toyota is in fact biding their time and playing around for the moment with LMS/ALMS while they figure out what it is , Motorsports wise , they really want to pursue long term . WRC is on the table ( F1 definitely is not ) along with this and a couple of other possibilities , but for the moment this was their ‘ easiest ‘ relatively speaking venue to enter while making up their minds .

    Not to mention they are ‘ hoping ‘ this car will give their street Hybrids a bit of Cred amongst the serious Gearheads in the world . It won’t ( the Prius will always be a breadvan ) but they’re hoping

    LeMans results 2012 ? Audi 1,2,3 etc depending on how many finish intact . Sorry to spoil the plot but …… well ……. its pretty obvious

  2. We love Toyota’s attempts. And the noise. Ah the noise.

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