foto of the day. 66c.

1967 Panhard CD Peugeot 66c.  What a badass.   Entered in the 1967 Le Mans race.  This car had a drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.13 (!!)

src: scludo

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2 thoughts on “foto of the day. 66c.

  1. Rob says:

    0.13? how did they keep it on the road?

  2. GuitarSlinger says:

    Here’s a bit more of the story .

    Very cool little car .

    Notice they did not finish , though no reason is given .

    But want to have a good laugh ? Toyota , as well as Prius owners thinks their Prius’s Cd is such a big deal when the French had this going on … what ……some 45 years ago !

    Nothing new under the sun my friends . Nothing much at all

    @ Rob – Aerodynamic Drag does not always equate to lift/downforce

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