the latest social network: “Clarkson Club”

Yes it is made by Jeremy Clarkson (well not made by, but sponsored…), yes it is for people into cars, yes it is slightly ridiculous, yes Jeremy Clarkson’s stamp of approval is like an ‘instant hit’ these days, and yes i probably will join it just for the hell of it.

In all seriousness though—-it is sort of a good idea.  There has been car forums for as long as I can remember…but they are usually sort of specific for a particular car.  Then there are the larger blogs like Autoblog or Jalopnik….which are fine, but also attract a certain type of person.  What about a social network for ALL TYPES of car enthusiasts.  Is that what Clarkson Club is trying to do?  If not….then someone should do it.

Speaking of which, make sure you add yourself (or “like”) to the IEDEI Facebook page.

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