video of the day. How men drive a Fulvia…

Through mud and snow!  Not much more complicated than this, of course…..but this video is 90 seconds of Lancia Fulvia daydreaming someone decided to film…videos like this remind me just how much I really dig the Fulvia…

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5 thoughts on “video of the day. How men drive a Fulvia…

  1. Anonymous says:

    That guy really sucks at power-on oversteer…

  2. GuitarSlinger says:

    Now THIS gentlemen …… is a Lancia . Driven in anger as intended .

    Not the Dodge/Chrysler re-badged travesties that Marchionne is trying to shove off as Lancias to the EU/UK market

    Please ……. those of you on the other side of the Pond ( UK/EU ) please please please tell me nobodies dumb enough to be buying those DogyLancias / LanciChryings and that they’re all sitting on the lots collecting dust . Please !

    Nuff o that . Back to this mighty fine genuine Lancia . Sigh . Those were the days my young friends . Those were the days . . Even if they did break down regular as clockwork . Rusted out almost faster than you could drive them . At least when they did work : they worked mighty fine . Looked the part as well . Sigh .

  3. Kyle Cochran says:

    Oh man, love Lancia. Well…1992 and earlier Lancia.

    I was looking at the new “Delta” and…well…how dare they? The Delta name is not for crossovers. It is for rally champions.

    Seriously. A company that racks up about 11 rally titles and has one of the most prestigious performance pedigrees is being re-badged to sell harmless soul-sucking crossovers.

    If I were Lancia (are you listening Fiat?) I would re-introduce the Delta as a WRC rally machine with emphasis on WINNING. Then I would try to get the New Stratos in uber-limited production (but also in the vein of rally). Finally, I would get them to go all the way back to the Fulvia and make a FF rally based coupe. Three cars. All capable of selling. No silly “re-badging and selling mini-vans”. Just proven performance in limited numbers.

    Basically saying, TAKE A PAGE FROM THE HISTORY BOOKS AND REBUILD LANCIA THE RIGHT WAY!!! Come on Fiat, you have the money!

    Okay, I’m off my soapbox. Love the blog.

    Kyle aka CzarKyle

    PS, Loved the NSU Prinz pictures you tossed up. Other obscure manufacturers I’ve found? Matra. Oh that and the other performance arm of Renault, Gordini (love me a Gordini R8!).

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