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it’s been a long time since i posted a photo of a Fulvia.  oh…..and being driven like a man!


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Land of Lancia.


Thank you to Bradley for showing me this video.  By an organization known as Petrolicious.

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video of the day. How men drive a Fulvia…

Through mud and snow!  Not much more complicated than this, of course…..but this video is 90 seconds of Lancia Fulvia daydreaming someone decided to film…videos like this remind me just how much I really dig the Fulvia…

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Rally De Monte Carlo Historique: break them in!

These are some great photos from Rusty Nail Society, showing the raw and unfiltered side of classic cars being put through their paces at the Rally De Monte Carlo Historique——scarred and super cool.   If only more automotive photography showed the real side of cars rather than the overpolished, overwaxed, shiny farce which is known popularly as automotive photography!

See the rest of these fantastic photos at Rusty Nail Society

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video of the day. Fulvia.

Glorious….and good driving as well, for a change!

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foto(s) of the day. Fulvia ditched and rescued!

Damn i love these photos taken at the 1973 Targa Florio.  From the fantastic Targa Florio archives at Amicidellatargaflorio


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video of the day. Fulvia orgy.

I have tried for many years to shake my desires to want a Lancia Fulvia—-but nothing works.  It still creeps up in my head all of the time.

This video doesn’t help my lust for one. Wow.

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foto of the day. street fulvia.

Don’t see too many of these parallel parked on the street.

Photo was taken by FotoSleuth



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foto of the day. Fulvia.

a nice blue series-1 Lancia Fulvia

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Wheeler Dealers: Lancia Fulvia

I was hoping for a full episode about the Fulvia, but this seems to be a short summary of the Fulvia and some advice on buying one.  I’m not a huge fan of the S2 headlights on this one, i’d much prefer the Series 1—-but i have heard/read that the Series 2 had some mechanical improvements so they may be onto something.  I am staggered by how cheap these sell for on the secondhand market in the UK.  Unfortunately here in the US, since the Fulvia was never officially sold, even raggedy 1.3s have sold for around $10k.  Good ones tend to reach higher into the $12-18k bracket.  I won’t get into the gory details of an amazing one that really slipped away from my own pawing hands several months ago….

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art of the day. fulvia.

done by Klem on deviantart

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foto of the day. fulvia.

1972 Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF. driven by Harry Kallstrom during the 1972 rally season.

click to enlarge foto.

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…and now i really really need a spare $13,700.

Because i want this bad. Big thanks (NOT!) to Bulgogi Brothers now known as Motoring Con Brio for raising my attention to it.  Advertised on Bring A Trailer, fine purveyors of numerous temptations.  Those bastards…

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Lancia Fulvia HF through the hills.

listen to that V4! easily one of IEDEI’s top 5 dream cars……do want.

look at that road! it’s full of angry cliffs to fly off of…..those crazy italians…

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foto of the day: Fulvia in the bushes…

Well this is a depressing photo in many ways; one of my ultimate dream cars— the Lancia Fulvia left for dead…..

photo by John Soqquadro

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BUY: Lancia Fulvia T-shirt.

Slick are selling this kickass Lancia Fulvia shirt.  Go buy it.


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Fulvia video. V4 FTW!

here is a great video of a Lancia Fulvia.

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foto of the day. 01242010.


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foto of the day. 01082010.

Lancia Fulvia!

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auctionwatch: Lancia Fulvia 1.3s



Ahhhhh, if I only had the $$$—-i’d be ALL OVER THIS!  A beautiful example of a 1973 Lancia Fulvia 1.3S and what the owner is calling the “Monte Carlo Edition”.

Check out the auction for more pictures and information



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foto of the day.

Lancia Fulvia



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