foto(s) of the day. R8 1-2 at t’Ring.

Audi celebrates another victory at this weekend’s 24 Hours At the Nurburgring with a 1-2 finish for the Audi R8 LMS ultra!  Superb.

Great photo taken by Dan Bathie from L’Endurance

Great picture at the finishing line by Frozenspeed!

The full line-up of R8s at the N24 race.  The winning car is the yellow Team Phoenix #3 car (front row, left, different number for the race!)

src: ausringers (bottom photo)

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5 thoughts on “foto(s) of the day. R8 1-2 at t’Ring.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    Ahem . Yeah … but did you take notice of the DTM results this weekend ? ( as well as what brand is on top of the points count )

    That’d be ………………. AMG Mercedes .

    BWTM . Read the latest VW-Audi news ? Seems those poor folks haven’t got what it takes to enter F1 … with an official statement last week saying they won’t be coming

    Hope you know S I’m just getting up your nose for a good laugh and please don’t take any of it seriously . I figure with my S4 past and current Benz ownership we’ve got the makings for a fun online rivalry on occasion 😮

    The LeMans critique you can take seriously . I >was< a huge fan of the event since 1966 but this years is looking like the automotive snooze fest of the decade even if I was ( which I'm not since my whole S4 debacle ) an Audi fan

    • Syed says:

      could you just remind me who won DTM last year? oh that’s right……

    • Syed says:

      Audi are THE motorsports marque right now….you should remember that i’m a big time Audi enthusiast, so you will get plenty of Audi excitement here! I understand you don’t care for Audis…..but that doesn’t mean you have to reply to every Audi sport post, mate 🙂

      • GuitarSlinger says:

        Well much as I tried I can’t leave this one unanswered :

        Hate to quash your understandable bias but ;

        Porsche : despite not currently racing in any major series ( sorry LMS & ALMS are NOT the majors ) is the #1 Motorsports marque Worldwide by a long shot : both by fact ( Porsche won ten times as many races in 2011 as all Audi Motorsports combined ) as well as perception

        # 2 being BMW .. # 3 Ferrari ….with the rest ( M-B Audi etc ) way off in the distance

        As well as until VW-Audi come out to play with the BIG Boys ( F1 or at the very least WRC ) Audi is just ‘ playing ‘ games with a bunch of over paid amateurs .

        Sorry S . Bias and loyalty are all nice and good but the Facts are the Facts 😉

  2. alex says:
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