Truth in 24 II now a FREE download on iTunes.

I saw this film at an official Audi screening several weeks ago and it was fantastic.  The 2011 Le Mans will go down in history as one of THE best Le Mans races—-extremely exciting to watch and unnerving after unexpected incidents.  You don’t have to be an Audi fan to enjoy this—you just have to love racing.   A must watch, in my humblest opinion.

Truth in 24 (original) is also still available for FREE download on iTunes, however Audi have just released Truth in 24 II—-which chronicles the last year’s heroic R18 win.  The perfect price for a fantastic documentary.  Go check it out!

iTunes link for Truth in 24 II

(note that the link above is for the US iTunes; please check your country’s iTunes to make sure if it is available)

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