foto of the day. my garage.


2 S1 quattros.  wow.

src:  audiSport FB

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7 thoughts on “foto of the day. my garage.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    Shock of shocks Syed . I’m on board with you on this one 100% . IMHO the pinnacle of Audi Motorsports . Walter Rohrls Pikes Peak challenger being the maddest and the best of the best . Watched that monster go up the hill in full Anger . Hard to say which was more impressive . Watching Rohrls driving skills or the fire breathing monster he was driving . I’ll take one WRC model and one street version if you please ….. 😉

  2. milosbga says:

    Amazing, long live group B 🙂

  3. GuitarSlinger says:

    @ Syed – Minor correction mate ( must of had too little coffee this morning when I posted not to of noticed this earlier 😦 ) Those are a pair of Quattro E2’s not the S1’s ( S1’s had smaller and less squared off fender flares ) And obviously the Pikes Peak car I mentioned would be the E2 ( my bad )

    So to correct my request . One E2 WRC model and One S1 for the road

    ( correction confirmed via ” Rally Cars ” ; Reinhard Klein : as well as RallyCourse 1986-87 )

    • Syed says:

      the full name is S1 E2…..the E2s were also S1s…S1 Quattro is the offical designation, E2 was a subtype….with tweaks.

  4. Bergen Shark says:

    Those are still the coolest Audi models to me, I wish it was my garage as well! Takes me back to days when I was young and the legendary Quattro rallye driver Hannu Mikkola was.. hmm, younger at least.

  5. Maurits says:

    1985 Finland (Mikkola), Manx (Mikkola)
    Test car
    Rallycross, S. Lestander
    Rallycross, B. Brodin

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