Dunhill custom shirt.

Unlike many modern workers, I still work in a somewhat traditional environment (Hospital) and each day I wear a dress shirt, a tie (50% of the time), a sport coat or blazer, and dress pants.  I do think that modern men have lost the ability to properly dress for work and it’s a real shame.  I see younger men in NYC walking to work dressed like they’re going to grab a sandwich (jeans, t-shirt, crap shoes), and to be honest it’s a damn shame.

To me, it doesn’t have to do with wealth as much as it does an appreciation of one’s work and respect for the environment around them.  It shows one has the thought to care about their workplace, and has the dignity to spend the few extra minutes a day to look presentable outside to complement staying presentable inside.   In the old days, coats and dress shirts were not only for the wealthy—they were for everyone.  Taxi drivers wore shirts and ties, janitors wore uniforms—people had dignity about the service they were providing.  These days, people don’t care about dignity—-they want their money and they want to go home.  Definitely a damn shame…

If you’ve read IEDEI, you will surely remember that I have quite a big soft spot for Dunhill clothing and accessories.  I do have a few Dunhill shirts and they are extremely comfortable and sharp fitting.

Great video showing the making of a Dunhill custom tailored shirt.

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