foto of the day. DTM fight.

BMW M3 DTM vs. Audi RS5 DTM…..which is airborne!  From yesterday’s Spielberg DTM race.

src:  Audi Sport

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4 thoughts on “foto of the day. DTM fight.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    Thats DTM racing at its finest . Say what you will Syed but you have to admit BMW’s coming back to DTM is the best thing thats happened to the series since the days of Alfa Romeo , BMW & OPEL etc slogging it out with those AWD monsters .

    Hopefully SPEED TV will catch on and at least televise the races delayed , if not same day sometime soon . Three months after the seasons over as they have in the last couple of years being a little to late to be interesting

    • Syed says:

      i do like the competition between Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. Speed TV is the most unreliable source of motorsports ever….and like you said, when they do show it—-they are SO LATE…ha. BTW, if you are itching to watch DTM races live, (official Audi site) does broadcast them live sometimes….

      • GuitarSlinger says:

        SPEED TV . Otherwise known as ” The NASCAR Channel ” They should rename it ‘ SLOW TV ‘ for the delay in coverage of the more eclectic events . I’ll pop on the channel next DTM race .

        BTW have you seen that WRC is in deep deep trouble again , having once more lost its Title Sponsor ? WRC is all but Code Blue , rapidly declining . Sad .

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