Green GT H2: getting ready for 2013 Le Mans.

Well yes the 2012 Le Mans is around the corner, but one company brought out their unique prototype yesterday for the Le Mans Test Day.  The Green GT H2 promises to be the first Electric/Hydrogen powered race car—and after participating in 2012’s test day, has been officially invited to race in the 2013 24 hours endurance race.  Very interesting stuff indeed.

Here’s Green’s highlights of their race car as per their website:

– No pollutants
– No emissions of gas or CO2, or NOx
– Renewable energy

– The hydrogen comes from the electrolysis of water. The water is then recomposed during the production of electricity in   the fuel cell. This same water can then be used again to re-produce the hydrogen.

– GreenGT H2 is expected to reach a speed close to 300km/h. With its on-board electrical control system, the GreenGT H2 can run for 40 min and its new electronic control system allows optimized cornering speeds.

src: technologicVehicles

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One thought on “Green GT H2: getting ready for 2013 Le Mans.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    Hmmmmn . Methinks this company , Green GT is either using hyperbole for effect or is completely clueless when it comes to the statement saying Zero Pollutants : or is lying . Fact is there is no such thing as a Zero Emissions vehicle .Never will be . Heck assuming you eat drink and perform all other biological functions Human Beings are not Zero emissions either .

    Then when you factor in all the pollutants created by manufacturing the fuel source , creating the car ( want to bet there’s a ton of rare earth minerals used ) lubricants ( … no petro based lubricants ? Not likely ) etc etc ….

    …….. No the more I look into this car , the more I’m convinced either its creators are utterly deluded or they’re lying thru their teeth and confirming once again my current adage ;

    The Green/Ecological Movement is no longer a Movement . Its Corporate Big Business . And Corporate Big Business is abut one thing and one thing only ;

    Making Money ; No matter what it takes 😉

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