Bride and the 928.

These photos may be digitally altered/edited, but it doesn’t matter as they’re pretty damn cool.  I’m digging the minimalist stone background.  “Leda and the Swan”, as described:

“A modern reinterpretation of the Greek myth, the images capture a woman in an Escada wedding dress and a white vintage Porsche 928, photographed by Alex Rank within digital sets designed by adNAU’s Tino Schaedler.”

src:  behance

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2 thoughts on “Bride and the 928.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    One of my ” Guilty ” pleasures . I should hate the 928 , yet I love em . But what do I know ? I love the Panamera Turbo ( especially the CH cous’s RuF Panamera ) as well . Jolie Laide is the only term I can come up with to justify some of my Guilty ( automotive & M/C ) pleasures

    Jolie Laide = Ugly/Beautiful …. a French term coined by Serge Gainsbourg ( yes Charlotte’s dad ) to describe his appeal despite his looks

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