is this the Porsche Pajun?

expected price of around $55k?  Where do i sign?

In all likelihood, considering the source (Auto Express)—these are likely modified photos using a Panamera as a base, but after the debacle of the A110-50, who knows anymore!

I love the Panamera and judging by the way this looks, I love this even more….WOW.  Porsche is going to go big time if they launch this in the Audi S4 price range….although I would expect, as with all Porsches, the price will climb higher quickly with a few options.

src:  autoExpress

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3 thoughts on “is this the Porsche Pajun?

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    Round One , since VW-Audi’s purchase of Porsche , of VW-Audi’s ‘ Badge Engineering ‘ transformation for the Iconic Porsche moniker . A6 performance ( base model ) with an S6 price tag ( $76,000 US ) all for a Porsche badge on the snout of what is no doubt an A4-A6 underneath .

    Lancia may well be Dead Man Walking , but Porsche is about to become the most watered down Icon since the T- Bird in automotive history I’m afraid .

    • Syed says:

      i am certain it will be an excellent performer, as the Panamera is as well. I don’t mind Porsche doing this, to be honest—-in fact i would most definitely be interested in a Pajun or Panamera, pending appropriate budgets for automotive purchases.

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