foto of the day. TT.

The timelessly beautiful MK1 Audi TT.  I’m not usually a fan of BBS wheels, but in all black on silver it does the trick quite nicely!

src: TT Forum UK

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2 thoughts on “foto of the day. TT.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    Audi TT Mk 1 ; IMHO the best looking , and in fact the only good looking TT of the bunch . The new ones ( with the exception of the TTRS ) looking more and more like throat lozenges than sports cars . Freeman Thomas got it right round one : and Audi ( shock ) had the sense to leave well enough alone ( unlike Porsche who in my opinion ‘ butchered ‘ Freeman’s original design for the Boxster ) Too bad Audi and Porsche burned their bridges Big time with FT . Both could use his keen eye right about now . Desperately .

    BTW ; My personal fav TT coupe I’ve ever seen ? There’s a truly sweet Matt Charcoal Grey TT running around CO ( Vail area ) with matt black wheels , ever so slightly lowered and that silly rear spoiler removed ( or its a pre spoiler model ) He’s added the ‘ BaseBall leather interior, done some serious mods to the engine ( ohhhh …. the sound !!! ) and that thing is …. well ……… very cool 8) If I catch it this summer when we’re there for the concert season I’ll try and snag a photo for you .

    • Syed says:

      lol @ “throat lozenges”….i totally agree sir. I love the baseball interior…definitely grab some pics! Do you play concerts in that area?

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