art of the day. Matra cutaways.

Through my love of Alpine, I have also found myself in appreciation of other French racing marques such as Matra and Panhard.   There really is a huge lack of information or literature about Panhard, however luckily such is not the case with Matra.

Automobiliac posted these great Matra cutaway drawings done by Robert Roux a couple of years ago!  Go there to see a blistering video of a MS650 screaming across the track!

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5 thoughts on “art of the day. Matra cutaways.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    You should consider doing a post on the Matra Bahgeera some day .Thats truly an unsung hero of the French automotive scene I had use of one when I was living in Nice for awhile . One very unique little car and to be honest a bit of a joy IMHO to drive and look at . As well as being one of the influences for the McLaren F1 road cars seating arrangement . Three in a Mid engined even if McLaren did move the driver to the middle ( gleaned from ” Driving Ambition” ; the official inside story of the McLaren F1 road car )

    • Syed says:

      i do love the Matra Bagheera…i was planning on doing a full piece……here are the 2 posts i’ve ever done on the car:

      • GuitarSlinger says:

        Its a sweet little car isn’t it . I’ll look forward to the full piece . Nice job on the quickies in the mean time . Ahhhhh…… the memories . Nice , the Cote d’Azur , _____ by my side ….. Monaco ….. Cannes . Bagheera underneath me …..

        • Syed says:

          and 2 women in the front seat? the Bagheera has that crazy 3 passenger front seat! LOL. have you been to Monaco a lot?

          • GuitarSlinger says:

            Nope ……… just one ( lady that is …. but a mighty fine one she was – it was her dads car on loan …. and she was a model/ centerfold) we used the other seat for extra suitcases etc . Monaco ? Yes back then ( late 70’s ) but not since . It was getting too built up back then and now …… the traffic ……… ugh ! Wish I could of gone there in the 50’s early 60’s ( before my time ) when it really was paradise

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