mystery car challenge!

Welcome to the first ever IEDEI mystery car challenge.  I will be very impressed if someone is able to identify this car!  Make and model.  There are no penalties for wrong guesses!


13 thoughts on “mystery car challenge!

  1. serguei_diego says:

    Coggiola Volvo 1800 ESC?

    • Syed says:

      wow. i am truly impressed! nice one, Serguei! i suppose i need a more challenging subject next time!

  2. coastal says:

    Unfortunately, it’s easy to cheat these days with Google Image Search:

  3. Marcel says:

    I knew it was a Volvo (but not the name), but the cheat option is ofcourse not something you want for a challenge like this.
    Next time, you should photohop the picture to make it less easy for the ones who like to cheat 🙂

  4. serguei_diego says:

    No cheat! Really no interest to cheat! I’m just a 60-70-80’s popular cars fan! 😉

  5. GuitarSlinger says:

    Wished I would of opened up the site earlier . Its right there in my copy of :” Volvo P1800 ; the complete story ” by Meridith . Dang !

    OK Syed ; So on this very subject …. heres the question of the day for your readers ( feel free to put this as a post of your own if you chose …. its on me )

    ” What do the Volvo P1800 and James Bond have in common ?”

    No hints , its a little known fact but I will say there is a very ‘ powerful ‘ connection ( oops that may of been a hint 😉 )

    ( the answer is historical fact BTW : NOT internet fluff and I’ll post the link with the answer if you take me up on this )

    • one-time bond actor roger moore drove a p1800 in “the saint.”

      what do i win?

      • GuitarSlinger says:

        Nothing ! You are correct , but not the ‘ powerful ‘ answer I’m looking for !

        No the answer I’m looking for is much less known and a lot more obscure than Roger Moore being 007 and having driven the P1800 ( as well as buying one for himself ) in ” the Saint ”

        A hint ; You need to know both your Volvo and British car history to know this fascinating little tid bit

        • GuitarSlinger says:

          Oh … and no the British car history I’m speaking of is not Jaguar . That one is internet /gearhead myth . Nope …. this one’s really ” Obscured by Clouds ‘ to use a musical reference . The woeful tale of – Would Of / Could Of / Should Of – as it relates to the P1800 as well as the P1800ES

          • Syed says:

            was it that the early cars were built at the JENSEN factory?

            • GuitarSlinger says:

              Close ( its a part of the back story ) but no .

              This one will blow your mind when you read the full story .

              Another hint ;

              Had this happened Volvo most likely would be a very different company

  6. GuitarSlinger says:

    No further takers on my little – albeit difficult challenge heh? Oh well . Here’s the answer

    Both ( 007 & the P1800 ) have had an Aston Martin under their hood

    The short story being in the second year of P1800 production Volvo commissioned AM to build a higher performance engine for the P1800 in order to get the horsepower up the the chassis capabilities . AM did so by lopping off two cylinders from their Six , built at least 4 motors and two complete running prototypes …. and then ! Volvo discovering the abysmal quality of builds coming from Jensen decided to move the P1800 production to Sweden making the cost of shipping and tariffs for the AM I4 prohibitive . AM was unable to trim the costs . the prototypes were returned to Volvo I4 power and the engines lie fallow ( at least four and maybe six ) for decades until Mr Roos discovered two of them , got one running and tucked it into the snout of his daily driver P1800 . What could of been gentlemen … what could of been . Here’s the link to the full story as well as Mr Roos’s Aston Martin/Volvo P1800 . Reading the commentary on the car its pretty obvious what we missed out on .

    Click to access volvoP1800_s.pdf

    BTW. If its any consolation , I’ve stumped hard core Aston Martin Collector/Owners/ Experts with this one .

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