Rally Heaven.

Chris Harris back in form, riding in a Lancia Delta S4Stratos and 037! 

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8 thoughts on “Rally Heaven.

  1. Kyle Cochran says:

    LANCIA ECV!?!?!?!? Just. Plain. Awesome.

    I’d give anything to see the ECV square off against the Audi that was planned for Group S. At least the ECV runs. That Audi just sits there.

    • Syed says:

      yes, very very cool……..i wish there was more footage of the ECV in action. It is amazing. Maybe one day they can dust off the Audi and pit them against each other on a course!

  2. Olivier says:

    I’d never seen (or don’t remember seeing) a Group S car in action. Wow!

    Interesting point about the difference between the Delta S4 and the 205 Turbo 16.

    The Dino V6 makes me weak-kneed every time I hear it.

  3. Bergen Shark says:

    What a nice video, it took me back in time when I was following Group B cars live and ofc was a huge fan of both Markku Alen and Lancia 037!

  4. GuitarSlinger says:

    Oh wow ! You’ve posted this video as well ( watched in on GTSpirit ) All I can say about my reaction to the video is ……… absolute , unrepentant and unbridled ENVY ! The very best of Lancia . Two of the best WRC pilots of all time ( Walter Rohrl is my #1 ) A stage of the San Remo ! Three of my all time favorite cars bar none ! Jeeze I’d give my left ____ just to be the fly on the windshield . These DRIVE guys are really starting to make all the Automotive TV shows on offer look worse than they already do .

    TO ALL the youngsters visiting here : This video shows what Lancia really used to be . Not the badged engineered Chryslers and FIAT’s Marchionne is turning the brand into .Those were the days …….. 😦

    So … Syed . Being a fan of all things Audi : are you familiar with the Mid Engined replacement Audi had in the works to replace the Quattro ? ( if you’ve already placed that up before I started visiting here ; my apologies ) Walter Rohrl’s autobiography has quite the write up on what could of been : as well as the two only known photos of the beast . Personally I wish Audi would of used that design on the R8 , bringing it into the 21st century . All the work they did back then ( the car was a runner according to WR ) you’d think they’d of made use of some of it

    • Syed says:

      yeah…..amazing cars. Did you see that 800hp ECV in the background? WOW.

      As for the Audi Group S prototype—yes sir! if you haven’t seen this, you will enjoy it! It’s one of the most popular posts ever of this blog’s history!

      • GuitarSlinger says:

        Guess what Syed ? Thats not it ! No i’m not trying to be contentious , its just that I’m looking right at the photo ( ” Walter Rohrl : Diary ” pg 196 ) and what you’ve got is not the car Audi had WR testing , nor was it the car intended for the 1987 season . Seriously the actual car looks more like a Ford RS200 … more ‘ pure ‘ mid engined , less boxy than the artists conception you found . WR drove it in Freilassing Germany on some remote roads after the project was abandoned . He says in the write up it was a ‘ winner ‘ right off and he was sorry he never got to race it .He even got pulled over by a cop … who asked WR to stomp on the accelerator hard on take off … which he did . WR was the only rally driver to test it . Its quite the car . Wish you had a photo post function here I’d put it up for you

        • GuitarSlinger says:

          Ooops . Should of looked further down the page on your post . Mea Culpa 😦 The magazine photos appear to be correct and were the ones leaked by an Audi Sport engineer .. for which he lost his job ( originally leaked to a German newspaper )Its the Artist model … what ever at the top of the post that’s not even close

          Funny though the article says all the cars were destroyed but according to WR there’s still one tucked away in storage ( with accompanying photo )

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