the saddest junkyard.

I was thoroughly intrigued when I was told about Gerard Gombert by my friend Misi from the superb Stipistop At first i was enthralled and so excited to learn that a hardcore automobile enthusiast and hermit had aggregated a massive collection of glorious race cars, sports cars, and supercars.  My excitement soon turned into anger when I read this written on Forocoches by “Felishuko” (who assumingly took some of the following photos):

“The sad part is that none of this is available and that after his death, his will says, “the whole lot will be crushed.””

Excuse me while I put my *face in palm*.  Let me just show you a bit of what exactly lies in his garden junkyard. The photos are of graphic degredation and deterioration, especially when understanding what the ultimate fate is going to be of these cars.  Mr. Gombert is said to be an old-school race car driver himself; so then we can assume that he is the real deal.

I will also extend a word to Mr. Gombert (who will likely never read this!) saying that If you are worried about someone monetizing these cars into something and using them to achieve wealth, I can promise you that there are enthusiasts in the world who will NOT do this….they don’t exist at RM auctions, Christie’s auctions, or any other high-brow, artificialized trader market—they do exist in the hearts and minds of true enthusiasts who don’t love cars for money; they love cars for their history, engineering, design, and the feeling they provide.  In fact, some of them at least deserve places in a museum as you’ll see in the photos below.

These cars are serving life in prison, with no parole, and ready for the death sentence:

Alpine A310s:

Alpine A110s (oh the horror…..)

Lotus 30 (oh man…):

At least 2 Lamborghini Miuras (not pictured)

but by far….the most painful thing kept in this junkyard is the 1968 Le Mans class-winning Alpine A210.  IT MUST BE RESCUED!

thanks to Misi for tipping me about this!

src:  Forocoches and classicDriver

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14 thoughts on “the saddest junkyard.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    These photos are beyond ‘ Sad’ More like horrific and enough to drive any serious Gearhead to tears . What a complete and utter waste of precious ‘ metal ‘ ( and fiberglass )

  2. Anonymous says:

    If I lived in the same country there would be without a doubt a jail break planed.

  3. Automobiliac says:

    What an asshole. There, I said it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    fuck this guy

  5. kww says:

    That might be an Rene Bonnet Aero D’Jet next to the A210?

    • Syed says:

      Yes it may be. I thought it was a standard D’Jet, however it may be something more…..wouldn’t surprise me in this absurd lunatic’s garage!

      • Matt Smart says:

        Where in France is this? Please tell me where? I really think I may just have to go visit and have a quiet word with this man, it is only a short hop on a ferry from the UK, there are so many awesome vehicles there in that car graveyard that someone must try to rescue some of them.. He should really give some of them away to people who will look after them, maybe with a contract that stipulates that they cannot be sold on for a huge profit once restored. Aghhh this is a real shocker.

  6. Kyle Cochran says:

    I’ve been looking in my Alpine book (Alpine & Renault: Sports Prototyoes Vol. 1) and I’ve noticed that chassis no. 1721 (#52) was 1st in energy performance and no. 1725 (#55) was 1st in efficiency…however I can’t find exactly what tells the two cars apart. Also, the decals for the Renault symbol was removed and the “Alpine Renault” decal was moved back and a “Shell” decal was tossed above the side windows.

    Pisses me off this is rotting away. All of that shouldn’t be rotting.

  7. This is absolutely maddening, this man thinks he can leave this Earth and his final wish is that not a single soul enjoys something vintage that was under his ownership after the original owner’s. What a complete ass. Such a waste of wonderful metal and junk cars…

    -David Enabulele

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  9. john macgregor says:

    They were all put under the hammer today (the auctioneers hammer) some of them fetching the best part of €1,000,000 . Even a clapped out mini estate reached €3500

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  11. Steve bradshaw says:

    Ive met gerard gombert in 2003 and in the following years after he was a true character a little eccentric but his heart was in the right place,in his later years he cared for donkey s .ive got a picture of gerard me and my son having a drink together at lou cantaire camping a true gentleman RIP Gerard

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