foto of the day. Veyron.

I love this colour combination, a dull grey and a shiny grey combining to create a visually striking textural enterprise!  As we all know, there have been many limited edition Veyrons cross the stage since the car was launched, primarily for rich sheikhs who have nothing better to do with their pocket change.  That being said, none of that negates the fact that the Veyron is by far the most staggeringly well-engineered production car made in our lifetime—and while i’m never much a fan of ‘open top motoring’ (as I look and feel like Dracula-in-a-convertible every time i have driven a convertible), this Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse really does look the part with its ‘Jet Grey’ paint scheme.

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2 thoughts on “foto of the day. Veyron.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    This ……. Syed is a car that I despise . The VeryGoneWrong . Wretched excess to the n’th degree . Ungainly as all ____ on public roads ( I’ve a great tale of an Audi S5 spanking the daylights out of a Veyron on I-70 between Georgetown and Vail I witnessed if you’re interested ; both drivers in a pool of sweat once the confrontation was over .. so it was real ) Blatant consumerism personified . Ugly , clumsy , over weight , over complicated and worthless . The only thing worse than seeing a photo is seeing one in person , especially in action on public roads . Well its even worse on the track , truth be known . And in fact , if others were allowed to use VW’s high speed test track to prove it ( VW refuses to grant permission to anyone ) surpassed by a long shot by the likes of Koenigsegg etc

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