foto(s) of the day. 1-2-3.

Audi now have 11 victories in 13 years, and one of those being the Audi-in-disguise Bentley Speed 8.  Total dominance!  The last few laps were taken with 4 R18s running side by side, making for some phenomenal atmosphere!  More pics as they are released…No other team has ever shown this sort of dominance at Le Mans in such a short period of time.

Today, the 1st and 2nd place finishing cars were the Audi R18 e-tron quattro hybrid, making it the first AWD and Hybrid car to ever win the greatest race in the world!  The #1 R18 e-tron quattro finishing the line in 1st place.

As an Audi fan and as a Le Mans enthusiast, I watched 18 hours of this race.  I hope some of you enjoyed the coverage using the links I posted here last night.  It was a hell of an adventure!  I hope to make it to La Sarthe one of these days.  Congratulations to the entire Audi Sport program!

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6 thoughts on “foto(s) of the day. 1-2-3.

  1. Danny Choy says:

    the very definition of DOMINANCE!

  2. Rob says:

    Starting to remind me a bit of Schumacher’s dominance in F1 … Champion from 2000-2004… as fascinating as it might be, it also starts to get boring, doesn’t it?

    • GuitarSlinger says:

      Yes ! A bit of genuine viable and real competition would of been nice as well as making Audi’s victory a bit more meaningful

    • Syed says:

      i think the Audi dominance here is almost unparalleled—-primarily because of the huge innovation and evolution they have done to the car and its accompanying technology. If you look at the first iteration of the R8 LMS which came out and compare it now to the R18 e-tron quattro; it is spectacularly evolved….and that was only 13 years ago. Porsche is returning next year. Toyota is will be back next year. Mazda as well, although I believe it will only be in LMP2. Yes I really do miss Peugeot….it was fantastic watching Peugeot vs. Audi, although Peugeot only managed to win once in those years at LM.

      • GuitarSlinger says:

        Sometime Syed if you’d like to read my ( as well as many other FIA members ) ‘ Fix ‘ for LeMans and the ACO ALMS LMS in general … let me know . It”s not too long or complicated , but I’ll refrain from posting it till you give the OK . Nary a negative word about Audi or LeMans in it BTW . Just pointing out the overall problem and the formula to repair it .

  3. GuitarSlinger says:

    1) My positive post race thought . Prost Jr. Can’t wait to see what he can do with a competitive team and car .

    2) Negative thought . The bloody Ferrari 458 Accidental Assassins strike again ( and again as IMHO the 458 McNish had problems with was in the wrong place and handled the situation poorly ) …… and …. the Nissan DeltaWing(nut ) Everyone said it was an accident waiting to happen due to it not being visible …… and it did

    3) Funny thought . Rockenfeller made his amends … but now Gene is on my list

    4) Final thought . WTH was it with SPEED’s picture quality on SPEED HD . Half the time it looked like a poor quality video feed

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