foto of the day. A110 and GTV6

Lovely photo sent by reader Michael Duque of his very nice Alfa GTV6 (named “Bella”) parked next to a very early 1965 Alpine A110 (almost looks like an A108 without the signature A110 fog lights). Oh and there’s a Corvette lurking in the background….for atmosphere!

If you have an interesting photo you want to share, send it in!

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5 thoughts on “foto of the day. A110 and GTV6

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    Alfa Romeo GTV6 . Alpine A110 ( the classic versions mind you ) Vette in the background . Whats not to like ?

  2. virtualmark says:

    Not sure if it’s a GTV6 – it doesn’t have the bonnet hump the GTV needed to clear the plenum on the V6. I suspect it’s a standard 4 cylinder GTV.

    • GuitarSlinger says:

      Stupid Me !!! You’re spot on virtualmark . You’d think my having owned one ( 77 Alfetta GT w/Autodelta upgrades ) I’d of noticed that . Its definitely not a GTV6 . No bulge . No Six ! …… Syed ! Give me a good virtual smack for my errors !

  3. Mick says:

    Give me 4 ! Bella is fitted with 2 carburators instead the GTV6

  4. jos says:

    It is an A108, the muzzle is smooth

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