foto of the day. D8 GT.

one of my favourite cars in the world…..the fantastic and menacing Donkervoort D8 GT.

src:  johanSterenberg

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One thought on “foto of the day. D8 GT.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    Agreed !!! Again ! +1 x 1000 ! Drive one sometime and ……. well it might become your absolute all time fav . Then ……. have a look at the quality etc . Outstanding . Only matched IMO by Pagani ( my absolute fav ) The Caterham Caterham should be building , but it took the Dutch to finally pull it off . Been begging the company ( and our authorities ) to figure out a way to import a few . ( good folks at Donkervort I might add ) Toss up a photo or two of the street version for folks to see . Its almost pretty … in an industrial sort of way . And hey …… its even Audi powered.

    Speaking of imports . You seen ‘ What Evil This Way Comes ‘ in the near future ? The Bowler EXR-S . All the off road capabilities of a JEEP with the acceleration and handling to dust off any 911 short of a GT3RS . My new car ‘ Guilty Pleasure ‘

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