Honestly now…

Well this ad is a bit of a farce now, as there are plenty of people who dream about getting a Mitsubishi Evo. Nissan, not so much.  If anything this ad is a reminder of how lackluster the 80s/early 90s were for affordable performance cars and how few options people had to finding one.   These days, If one cannot afford a new Porsche 911—there are  plenty of enjoyable automobiles one can buy to at least enjoy themselves—hell i’d have a Cayman R (as long as it’s PDK) or an Audi TT-RS (as long as it’s DSG) over a 911, so even Porsche realised they could do better.

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4 thoughts on “Honestly now…

  1. nissan? sure— it’s called the 300ZX produced (in the US) from 1990-1996. this sort of snobbery is misguided and unattractive.

    • Syed says:

      true. wasn’t a bad car at all….at least in the 2 seat version. the 2+2, on the other hand….was a bloated cow of a sports car!

  2. David S says:

    Let’s not throw the Skyline GT-R out with the bath water either.

  3. Corey says:

    Thanks for writing tthis

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