2013 Audi S3

300hp.  3080 lbs. quattro. beautiful interior.  0-60 in 5.1 s. I AM SOLD.   Reserve me a black one with DSG, please.

The 4-door sedan version of this S3 (5-door will likely not be returning to the US market, unfortunately) will be arriving to the US in mid-late 2013.  I will be in line for one.

and a promo video:

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3 thoughts on “2013 Audi S3

  1. Matt Smart says:

    Speaking from the hot hatch capital of the world (UK) always go for the 3 door model. As practical as a 5 door is, it will always shout ugly, there is never a way to cover sportiness with 5 doors. Styling a 5 door hot hatch to look awesome never really works IMHO.

    Ford has just brought out the Focus ST in the UK as a five door only hot hatch, as good a car as it is it will get fewer sales here due to it being a five door, hot hatch fans will
    most likely look elsewhere.

    • Speaking from the saloon capital of the world (US), we never get the 3-door model of anything (there has never been a 3-door A3 or S3 sold here), and now even the 5-door has gone the way of the dodo bird, at least in the US market.

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