new Cayman.

Most new (and old for that matter) cars bore the crap out of me.  the new Porsche Cayman is not one of those cars.  I still want a Cayman R and now i want the brand spankin new 2014 Porsche Cayman.  Superb!






some actual photos published by digitalTrends. WICKED.




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7 thoughts on “new Cayman.

  1. Raphael Orlove says:

    Seen it in person. Neat. Looks both narrow and Ferrari-esque, but those aren’t bad things. The rear is noticeably taller than the old Cayman.

  2. Don Camacho says:

    I am digging the new Cayman more and more. Making me slightly regret on getting the Golf R a little too early. Just a pinch.

    • Syed says:

      the Golf R is a GREAT car man…..I wouldn’t regret it one bit! as a daily driver, I’d pick a Golf R still….I chose an A3 Quattro as my daily driver and it is wicked cool. still love it after 1+ years living with it.

      • Don Camacho says:

        Oh, don’t you worry. The doubts disappear on 2nd gear pull lol.

        The A3 is a great comfy car too. Same reason why I got the R; boyhood hooliganism with grown-up practicality.

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