ALPINE returning to Le Mans!


An announcement is expected Friday to hear Renault introducing the plans for their return to endurance racing!  LMP2 is surely expected by the 2014 racing season with possible LMP1 ambitions as well, and the engines are expected to carry the ALPINE badge!  Renaultsport (which evolved out of the original Alpine after it stopped making cars 20+ years ago) will be tuning them and involved with the engine construction.  All of this seems consistent with the Renault plan to resurrect one of the finest racing and rallying marques ever!  I wonder if the cars themselves will be badged “Alpine-Renault” like the old days.

IEDEI is, of course, devoted to Alpine news and will offer updates as they come in.  My biggest issue is going to be whether I root for Audi or Alpine?  I have stayed up to watch almost all Le Mans races for the past several years….and am a die hard Audi fanboy.   If Alpine makes it to LMP1 against Audi… will be very very tough for me to root against the boys in blue.

Exciting news.

BTW, to fuel the imagination, here is an interesting ‘re-interpretation’ (rendering) of the glorious Alpine A220 by Racing Emotion found at le Blog Auto. Obviously this is not a realistic vision, but still entertaining to look at!


src:  racecarEngineering

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2 thoughts on “ALPINE returning to Le Mans!

  1. Kyle A. Cochran says:

    Just as I finish re-reading Roy Smith books, this news comes up. This is great!

    Now, if this French revival could forward into someone bringing Ligier back to F1 and Matra to endurance…I’d just about fall into an euphoric coma.

  2. Kyle A. Cochran says:

    PS: If Alpine is in partnership with Caterham, does that mean a Caterham entry as well? Hmmm, I have a whole day to pontificate this.

    I’m skeptical of Caterham’s involvement, but if it means a return for Alpine I’m all for it. I love the simplicity of the track cars that Brits craft. Would this might mean a full Renault-Alpine-Caterham treatment for the F1 team?

    I hear a lot of F1 insiders predicting outright doom for Caterham in 2013, and others saying Marussia will outpace them a great deal. Not good to be pegged as a backmarker, but good enough for some fuel for the fire.

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