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quote of the month: mediocrity.

I’ve never read anything that a gentleman named Norman Mailer has written, however while perusing Nolan Bushnell’s twitter feed, I came across this quote which is just phenomenal.


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Guns are used by cowards.


A gentleman doesn’t need a gun to be a man.  BAN THEM.  The discussion is finally emerging.  Could we finally evolve as a society?  Remains to be seen.  A member of my family was held at gunpoint a few months ago while they were walking to work….every day 90 people in this country die from an idiot firing a gun.  Enough is enough.

Write to your local senator or government official.  Make it known you do not want guns circulating through your community.

If you are “pro gun” you should be (A) ashamed of yourself and (B) not commenting here, as your comment will be deleted and you will be marked as spam.   This is not a debate…this is me telling you what I believe should happen.  If you want a debate…go somewhere else.

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“Anti-imbedded-Mossad Party” Cadillac Seville Limousine.

I laughed so hard when I saw this car.  I laughed from far, and then i laughed from up close! Spotted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Apologies for the water on my camera lens, as there is a hurricane outside when I was walking around!

For those who don’t know, the Mossad is obviously the controversial Israeli intelligence agency (equivalent to the CIA in the US government).   “Mitochondrial DNA”, interestingly enough, is generally passed down from one’s mother.  I am still trying to interpret these quotes in full.


Here’s my wife pretending it’s her car! (it’s not, obviously….lol)

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