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beautiful 1985 ur quattro coupe for sale.

my love for the ur quattro is growing by the week (especially since i’ve been racing a modded one on GT5 these days!)…it has now become one of my automotive holy grails (if it wasn’t already), and much MUCH more affordable than my ultimate holy grail which is the Alpine A110 ($50k+ now easily).

here’s a beautiful one for sale in Connecticut.  Just posted today—so if you really want a place in the IEDEI envy books plop down the cash, kids! Gorgeous in every way

he’s asking $16,500 for the car.  102k miles.  a very fine example. Finished in “amazon blue”, one of 73 cars in this colour from that year. If you are interested, email me iedeiblog@gmail.com for more information.

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a question…

which weirdo french photographer forgot to remove the can of something (cleaner? paint?) from the lower aspect of this promo photo for the glorious (err…no) Renault Fuego Turbo? Le incompetence!

I still remember how much AMC/Renault hyped this car when it was introduced into the US market.  I was a little kid, and remember thinking it was great—–however as i grew older, things changed….

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