a question…

which weirdo french photographer forgot to remove the can of something (cleaner? paint?) from the lower aspect of this promo photo for the glorious (err…no) Renault Fuego Turbo? Le incompetence!

I still remember how much AMC/Renault hyped this car when it was introduced into the US market.  I was a little kid, and remember thinking it was great—–however as i grew older, things changed….

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2 thoughts on “a question…

  1. Automobiliac says:

    I, too, liked it as a child, then hated it, though more because of the horrific build quality than the admittedly dated design. Now I kinda like it again, but only in an ironic way…Ooooh, Fuego so caliente!

    • Syed says:

      i can’t help but think that Renault originally wanted to build this as a competition for the Alfa GTV and Audi Coupe of the time…..but ended up with THIS! i’m with you though….i sort of like, but mainly in that “oh-renault-sold-cars-here-when-i-was-a-kid” sort of way.

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