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Alain De Cadenet’s new show: “Renaissance Man”

(photo taken from VeloceNews)

I’m puzzled as to why there is minimal information present online about Mr. Vintage Race Car and his brand new show debuting this Monday on Velocity.  The show isn’t listed in the list of shows on the network website, and when I do a search I find a few scanty details and no official information.   I just happened to see a short little advertisement on Velocity when i was flipping the channels earlier this weekend.

What I have been able to find out from listing information on the channel’s schedule is the follows:

Episode 1: Alain de Cadenet navigates the history of the iconic Lancia Ferrari D50 through restoration of the original cars to racing it on the track at the Goodwood Revival Meeting.

Episode 2: Alain de Cadenet explores 3 of the most important 20th Century British motorcycles, historic and contemporary classics Brough, Norton, and Triumph.

Sounds pretty great to me!  Alain’s Victory By Design series is one of the great classics in automotive videos of recent years—-and his gentlemanly take on vintage cars and race cars is pretty much always great to listen to.  I can’t wait to see what he has in store for this new series which debuts tomorrow (February 20th) on Velocity channel at 10pm (EST).

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FREE Victory By Design: Making Of @ Apple iTunes


I was rolling through Apple’s iTunes store today and noticed that a 20+ minute video outlining the Victory By Design series showing how the series is filmed and put together is available for a free download!

Firstly, this is a GREAT series. The cars they test and talk about are simply stunning. Alain De Cadenet is obviously very into these cars as well, and really exercises them through some beautiful mountain roads in the VBD series.

Apple iTunes is selling the various episodes from the series in their store for $15 a pop (much cheaper than the $26 they cost on DVD and more expensive than the $0 it costs on torrents)—however it might be worth it to get those episodes in high quality vs. the crappy quality versions found on torrents.

For now though, make sure you head over to iTunes and get the FREE Victory By Design: The Making Of in your library. The video is superb! Not alot of talking, but interesting insights into the show and most of all, some amazing footage of some amazing cars.

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