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Why did I even bother?

As an automotive enthusiast, I am of course drawn to most things motoring or automobile related almost instantly; as if it is a part of my natural instincts.  Last month, I saw one of those ‘super deals’ on car magazine subscriptions offering 12 months of magazines for $5.  I thought to myself “$20 will get me 4 subscriptions to 4 different car magazines!” and so I jotted my name down and signed up. Car & Driver, Road & Track, Motor Trend, and Automobile Magazine.

Now it seems regular that my mailbox is filled with these rolled up American car magazines, and I am left wondering why I even wasted $20 on them.   I didn’t want to criticize the US car magazine industry, but let me just tell you:  These magazines are unimaginative, boring, ad-filled, wastes of paper!  It’s like Autoblog, but in paper form.  I can’t even figure out if any of them are better than the others, because it is impossible to distinguish which one is least crap.

For now, I will have to suffer this silly 12 month subscription; although I am currently debating canceling all of them, even if i don’t get my money back.

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