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Maserati driving gloves

Maserati driving gloves

So i lost my dunhill driving gloves sometime back in February. Actually i lost one side, i still have the other side…..i’m hoping the side i lost turns up unexpectedly.

Meanwhile, check out these sweet Maserati driving gloves! I can almost smell the leather just by looking at the dark blue stitched leather and seeing that glorious Maserati trident logo……hotness. Not cheap, but did you really think Maserati driving gloves would be? With shipping to the US, they come out to about $180. That hurts, but still is tempting.

LINK: http://www.maseratistore.com/index.php/eshop/product/Maserati-DRIVING-GLOVES.html?a=/1/pid/24017/frmCatID/174/

ALSO, they are available here for $125, from a Maserati Dealer in Texas.  (with an extremely unprofessional, pixelated photo! ha):


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