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Lancia 2000 Coupe.

I’ve always hugely admired the (rare) Lancia 2000 Coupes (and here)…The 70s were full of some decent coupes….but none arguably nicer than the superbly underrated Lancia 2000 HF Coupe——hell i think this may be one of THE classiest and prettiest coupes made in the 70s. Sure it was an ‘evolved’ Flavia, and it wasn’t accompanied by the rally pedigree of its smaller Fulvia HF counterpart—-but as a cruiser with elegance, i’d choose this over most everything else from that era.


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Ford GT70; Ford’s ‘lost’ A110 fighter…

Apparently, Ford had decided to fight back against the successes of rally cars in the late 60s and early 70s like the Porsche 911s and the Alpine A110 with their own small purpose-built rally car named the Ford GT70.


‘The GT70’s creation had been triggered by our poor performance on the 1970 Monte Carlo Rally,’ Ford Competitions manager Stuart Turner says. ‘The Escort Twin-Cams, driven by Clark, Timo Makinen and Hannu Mikkola, at best finished fifth and seventh, and had been left behind by the winning Porsche 911S and Alpine-Renault A110.’”

Thanks to Jalopnik for turning attention this burning issue!

I believe the ‘yellow’ livery is in its current state; previously, the lone prototype was in silver finish:

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Audi A1 Configurator!

You can now configure the A1 to different specs!  Interestingly enough the A1 microsite also offers customizing abilities to North American customers! Is this a sign the car is coming to the US? Or is this to gauge interest? Either way, play around with it and imagine throwing a little Audi around the city!

There’s also a competition on the microsite, for designing the A1.

LINK: http://microsites.audi.com/a1onlinespecial/html/popup.html#/customize/customizer/

thanks to Fourtitude for the heads up and the photo!

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