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foto of the day. ideal sunday.

I’m envious of my friend George (of Fourtitude) for a couple reasons.  (A) He is just arriving to France for Le Mans week….and (B) he posted the photo of this RS3 he gets to drive from Paris to La Sarthe.

It’s a hard life, eh George!

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R8 facelift spotted!

IEDEI’s friends at Fourtitude have spotted a possible first view of the ‘facelifted’ Audi R8, which should launch in 2012 sometime.  More interestingly, they have also discussed that R8s have been testing with 2.5L 5 Cylinder Turbo engines (!!!!!).  Bring it Audi!!!

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Pogea Racing A1.

the Audi A1 is another in the line of mythical Audi creations which will likely never hit the US shores; but that doesn’t stop me from lusting after one.  This one is a great colour, with dark wheels, and an aggressive lowered stance.  If you were to ask me to build an A1, i would want to build it like this—-possibly minus the wacky retro-y cloth interior though….am more a leather person myself.  Unfortunately Audi aren’t keen on bringing this generation A1 to this country; or it would DEFINITELY be in my garage as a city commuter.  156hp in a 2300+ pound body sounds damn good to me!

Found on:  Fourtitude

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Audi A1 Configurator!

You can now configure the A1 to different specs!  Interestingly enough the A1 microsite also offers customizing abilities to North American customers! Is this a sign the car is coming to the US? Or is this to gauge interest? Either way, play around with it and imagine throwing a little Audi around the city!

There’s also a competition on the microsite, for designing the A1.

LINK: http://microsites.audi.com/a1onlinespecial/html/popup.html#/customize/customizer/

thanks to Fourtitude for the heads up and the photo!

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1984 Audi 4000s vs. 2009 Audi A4 2.0T S-Line


FOURTITUDE has a great article profiling both cars, along with some great writing about each of these cars.  Some cool photos too!

“While 1984 may have marked the last year for that early B2 bodystyle, fast forwarding 25 years finds the B8 A4 in its first year of production and times have changed. Audi has matured as a car manufacturer and technologies have come a long way. Materials used to build today’s A4 are some of the finest in the industry and the chassis is more capable than any Audi sedan to date. Pricing has gone up considerably from the ’80s but the car has grown in size while power and efficiency have also made great strides.”

Check out the rest of the article with more fotos HERE


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