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Leica ABCDE (1970) and Leica S1 (1996) prototypes.

Well here are 2 very strange prototype cameras.

The Leica ABCDE looks like a GREAT SLR design from 1970 (albeit with possibly the worst name ever for a camera…lol).  Why didn’t they use it? I haven’t the slightest clue.  Not much is known about this concept, however it was seen on a Leica Factory Tour in 2009 by DPReview.com (the link to their tour, unfortunately, does not work—however the pictures are found in search).


The Leica S1 (below) from 1996 has to be one of the least useable camera designs ever!  I cannot even imagine focusing while holding a gigantic ring—-or maybe it’s genius!?  Who knows….all we know is that it seems to have cool digital buttons on the top.  The colour is right as well.  It may make for a nice steering wheel though.

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1969 Pininfarina Sigma Grand Monoposto F1.

Well that’s a bit of a mouthful.  So what happens when Pininfarina decides to design an F1 car for Ferrari in 1969?  This happens!

and in its most recent state:


foto src: carStyling

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1975 Opel GT2 Concept

After the mildly/moderately successful small sports car that was the Opel GT, the next generation of Opel GT was being hypothesized by Opel.  Obviously GM was now deeply seeded into the recesses of the company and its interests, I find there to be fascinating influences from the front end design of this 1975 Opel GT2 which trickled down to the 80s Pontiac Firebird.  Even more odd is how the rear taillights look like they are straight out of a 1983 Ford Mustang….wonder how that happened! Obviously the GT2 was never produced, but it’s a pretty damn interesting wedge-influenced design, all the way to its insane sliding doors which would appear much later in cars like the Peugeot 1007.

and here’s a 1982 Pontiac Firebird, just for comparison of the front end (from thirdGen):

src: cavalierAndChevetteClub, wikimedia

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