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This is a fantastic track by Almeeva entitled “Strobe”, from their 2nd EP named EP2.  Swirly helicopter effects laden guitars and driving minimalist beats……perfect music for a mobile spy.  Sharp video as well.

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Elektro Guzzi are a fantastic band from Austria.  The first time I heard them I thought “oh, minimalist electronic music” and then i realised that the were in fact far more than just an electronic outfit.  In fact, they use instruments quite creatively.  Definitely influenced by 70s Krautrock like Can and Neu, but interpreted to take in the best parts of modern electronica and minimalism to create a very current and very relevant sound.  There is much to enjoy in Elektro Guzzi records, and this song “Pentagonia” is from their latest album “Parquet”….which is fantastic, by the way.

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