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IEDEI bids farewell.

It is with a heavy heart that i’ve decided to discontinue updating IEDEI.  I have thoroughly enjoyed posting over the last nearly 4 years and have enjoyed talking and meeting many of you.  I am only one person, and simply do not have the capacity to go on posting.  It is unfortunate at a time when the blog has been rapidly gaining popularity—-however I simply do not have the time, emotion, or capacity to research and update as I would like.  Many posts I make are not simply uploading a photo or linking to outside places.  To find that content takes time…..it takes passion….and it takes effort.

With all of this being said…it’s possible that in the future I may re-start this site, however at this time I am not thinking about it.  I’ve loved cars since the age of 2…however I’ve also realised that over time—things change.

As a fitting final post….i would like to leave you with a simply wonderful video of 2 cars I love—-and one of which is the center of which everything on this blog was inspired by: the Alpine A110.

Please feel free to email me at IEDEIblog@gmail.com if you’d ever like to collaborate on any projects, or if you’d like me to write an article….or if you just want to talk.   The IEDEI site will remain online for the time being, as an archive for people to find and enjoy.

Much love to the gear shifting brothas.  This video is for you.

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