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weird of the day. 2002 rat rod!

My mind is having slight difficulty digesting this, however I find it quite imaginative either way!  Who would have ever thought “BMW 2002” and “rat rod” together….well somebody did, and dare i say it sort of works!

src: stipistop –>  gencoupe.com

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…and how do i raise $27k?

If you’ve read this blog, you’ll know that i have 2 ‘favourite’ forms of Porsche 911——the 997 GT3 and the 911R.

To me the 911R is THE definitive 911—-more than a Carrera RS, more than any of the others….

And here is a 911R replica hot rod for sale in California, for a very respectable $27k.  $27k? for a fully spec’d, restored 911R kitted 1968?  Epic cool.  I have to say that i’m not really a huge fan of the ‘matte’ paint scheme on it, although i do LOVE the actual grey-blue colour they have used.

Otherwise, this is probably the perfect used 911 for me….wow.  Now if i can just make this blog as big as it is in my head to raise me the $27k to purchase it.

Original sale ad on Pelican Parts (via BringATrailer)



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