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what if…Chris Bangle designed an interior…

Well he did! in the 1983 Opel Junior Concept.  And yes, it is VERY weird.

the car this interior belonged to:

src:  flaviendachet

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new Chevy Cruze interior inspired by early 90s boom box.

Why can’t GM get interiors right?  They design a reasonably nice exterior for this new Chevy Cruze, and then when I rummaged through the promo photos of the INTERIOR—–i started to think it reminded me of something….and then i remembered.  I then searched, and then confirmed the truth.  Why GM? Why can you not make a nice, clean, functional interior without making it look like a drunk 11-year old designed the dash and buttons?

Chevy Cruze interior VS. cheesy early 90s boom box

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