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Lancia Flavia 2000 HF.

more of it!  love this car, don’t see/read/hear much about it at all either.

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car for sale of the day. flaminia.

err, so this is 20k english quid……but it’s one of the coolest Flaminias i’ve seen, in a beautiful colour.  I’m slightly perplexed by the ‘rally’ seats, as they sort of don’t suit the car……but i will forgive it!

20k pounds….what is that? $35k?  I tell you what…if i was a 55 year old businessman, surrounded by a**holes driving around in red Ferraris—-it’d be great to show up to a meeting in sometime like this.  Timeless.

go buy it: http://www.rtcc.co.uk/index.php?do=lanciaclassics&car=093f65e080a295f8076b1c5722a46aa2

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foto(s) of the day: 2000

One of the most beautiful Coupes ever….the Lancia 2000 HF

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