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M5 brochure.

No, not that M5—-the 1971-1975 Leica M5.  Some of my favourite excerpts from an original M5 brochure.  In my opinion, the most beautiful camera ever made by Leica!

src: keh

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art of the day. Matra cutaways.

Through my love of Alpine, I have also found myself in appreciation of other French racing marques such as Matra and Panhard.   There really is a huge lack of information or literature about Panhard, however luckily such is not the case with Matra.

Automobiliac posted these great Matra cutaway drawings done by Robert Roux a couple of years ago!  Go there to see a blistering video of a MS650 screaming across the track!

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foto(s) of the day. NYC 1973.

I do love living in NYC, particularly in Brooklyn!  NYC has both stayed the same and changed so much over the last 30-50 years.  It is quite enjoyable listening to city old-timers tell their version of how NYC was in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  Seeing photos is also great.  Here are 2 fantastic photos taken by Wil Blanche in 1973 of cars entering the Manhattan side of the Battery Tunnel towards Brooklyn as part of the Documerica project.  Can you recognize all the iron in these pics?  I get a good number of them….but a couple here and there which are just guesses!

As much as things change—-looking at these photos remind me of my experiences driving here every day.  So i guess not everything changes that much!

src:  hemmings

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foto of the day. Gulf Aston.

This really shouldn’t work…..but oh man does it work!  Aston Martin V8 Vantage with Gulf livery.  Beautiful….one of my most favourite coupe designs ever…

src: warspite1915

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BMW M1 “Procar” series

Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates on the IEDEI Blog lately—-i have been battling a lack of time attributed to my job (i do have another job y’know!), but have no fear—-there is plenty of content waiting to unfold here with due time.  I still owe you all a big Petit Le Mans report—-which is still being curated.

The BMW M1 was specifically created for racing—–and it has to be one of the coolest production race cars built.  It’s unfortunate BMW strayed from this path, and has yet to produce anything to even remotely put up a show against the mighty Audi R8.  Hopefully one of these days, they’ll come to their senses—-and build ‘another’ M1 or something of the same caliber.

Meanwhile, here are some grand photos of the mighty BMW M1 in racing glory

source: http://bmweffect.in/bmw-m1-procar.html

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foto of the day. 2000 Coupe

Lovely….one of my favourite (and most underrated) Lancias around.  this is a 1971 Lancia 2000 Coupe

via: Good Old Valves

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foto of the day. 99 Turbo.

love these—i think they are timeless classics in every sense of the word!

foto taken from Trollhatten Saab

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foto of the day (2): 131A

Fiat 131 Abarth

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window sticker of the day. 911sc

A window sticker from a 1979 Porsche 911 SC Coupe.  In case you are interested, the original price of $28,660 turns into $87,365 when adjusted for 2011 with inflation over the years.  That’s just about the price of an equivelant 911 today!

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i love these vintage programs from the original races; this one is from 1969 Lime Rock….from Progcovers


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BBC: “Grand Prix – The Killer Years” (4 Parts)

This is a fascinating show which was aired in the UK by BBC.  Split into 4 parts on YouTube; it documents some of the safety issues and concerns in 1950+ F1 racing.  There is some great footage, accompanied by sad and disturbing accident footage—-however it is overall, much much more interesting than just an accident compilation.  Well worth watching if you are into F1 history as I have become…

The part in Part 3 where Nick Drake’s music comes on in the background, while they are on Jim Clark’s onboard is just one of the most special pieces of a show i can remember in recent memory—-superb.

(Thanks to John Patterson for pointing this video series out!)


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Lancia Flavia 2000 HF.

more of it!  love this car, don’t see/read/hear much about it at all either.

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lost concept of the day. Porsche-VW Tapiro

An Italdesign study penned by Guigiaro in 1970.   It seems every photo I find of the strange Tapiro is accompanied by women!  So here they are in all their early 70s glory.  This car is actually based off a 914 chassis, interestingly enough.

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foto of the day. Kyalami

i love this car.  so unknown….perfect car for a sniper. The Maserati Kyalami.

some history (via: http://www.maserati-alfieri.co.uk/alfieri102.htm)

“In 1974 after a period of financial turmoil, Citroën, the then owners of Maserati, placed the company into liquidation. By 1975, Maserati was in the hands of a partnership berween Alejandro DeTomaso and GEPI (an Italian state organisation whose sole purpose was the protection of Italian jobs). DeTomaso’s Longchamp had not proved the success he had hoped and sales were low. During this time of re-organisation, DeTomaso was desperate to produce a new flagship Maserati. Given Maserati’s financial restraints, his solution was to call in Pietro Frua’s design studio in Turin to re-style the Longchamp and so was born the Kyalami.”


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foto of the day. 510.

I’ve always loved these……Datsun 510 (photo taken by Gleomyr)

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NSU Ro80. weird or wonderful?

I can never really decide.  The design of the NSU Ro80 always leaves me feeling weird….on one side, i find its proportions to be utterly fascinating and awkward (in a good way)…..on the other side, i find it to be very dysfunctional and awkward (in a bad way).

There is no denying, however, that the Ro80 was WAY ahead when it came to design….considering it was originally launched in 1967 (wow).  A very modern design….which surely influenced alot of cars after it….especially AUDI, the company that some of NSU warped into…

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foto of the day. Challenger TA

1970 Dodge Challenger T/A (originally raced by Sam Posey)

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supercar of the day. Mangusta.

one of the most evil, rare, influential, and fascinating supercars ever….the DeTomaso Mangusta (1966-1971)

401 Mangustas were built, about 200 of the european version, with 4 headlamps and Ford 289 Cu.In. engine, and the rest are USA version, with 2 “pop up” headlamps and less powerful Ford 302 engines. One car was built with Chevrolet engine. There are reported to be fewer than 120 left in existence, according to the 2 available registry databases.

more information on the Mangusta: http://www.mangustainternational.com/home.php

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Renault revives vintage livery colours for F1.

Reviving the yellow livery from the 70s Elf F1 cars….Renault today introduced promo shots for the 2010-2011 Formula One season.  Check it out!


NEW (2010)

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foto of the day. 01042010.

Porsche 917 during a Le Mans pit stop!

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foto of the day. 010210.

welcome back!

as a tribute to our recent UK visit! ASTON MARTIN V8 RACING.

click to enlarge

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foto(s) of the day. 12202009.

Audi 100 Coupe S!


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