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huge, immaculate AMC collection up for auction

Steve Green is/was an AMC collector…a hardcore collector.  Only a hardcore collector would actually spent his hard earned money on absolutely rubbish AMCs like the Matador, Pacers, Hornets! I feel like laughing as i type that.  They were truly some of the worst cars of the 70s.  Steve Green has very low mileage, immaculately kept examples of these awful, awful cars.

But Steve Green also kept some fantastic, pristine, low-mileage examples of some fantastic AMC muscle like a 1968 AMX, a 1970 AMX, a 1974 AMX, and you get the picture.  For someone looking to get a kickass example of an AMX with low mileage and immaculately taken care of mechanicals….this would be the place.  Mr. Green is currently having health troubles, and Tom Mack Classics is auctioning off most of his collection.  You gotta feel a little bad for the guy, after devoting so much energy and time to gathering up such a collection, even if only a fraction of it is even worth considering….


LINK to the full collection: http://www.tommackclassics.com/auction/stevegreencollection.htm

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